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The idea of creating a blog to document my hobby of selling books (and other things) online has intrigued me for years.  I have been buying and selling things online since the late 1990's, starting with records, CDs, and cassette tapes on eBay during my college years. Eventually, I opened up a true brick-and-mortar retail record store with a friend in 1999 and traversed the sea change from physical music in the form of LPs and CDs to digital material in the form of MP3s, finally running aground in 2008 when we closed the store.  In the intervening years, I developed an interest in books.  Many shifts in the record store were spent thumbing through novels in the downtime between transactions.  I turned to yard sales and thrift stores to build my library on the cheap.  Along the way, I discovered that books have value similar to recorded music, and if I applied the same principles to books that I already did to music, I would be able to profit from the experience.

I switched careers, returned to college for a graduate degree, got married, bought a house, fathered a child, closed the record store, switched careers again, bought a bigger house, started this blog (and many others), and continued to purchase books for my own enjoyment in my personal collection and for personal profit in my online ventures.

Why start a blog now, with fifteen years into the game?  What do I stand to gain from the experience?  Why share valuable secrets with those who aspire to be your competition?

For me, it's an itch I need to scratch, one that has been nagging me for years.  I love to write, but I make excuses to avoid the keyboard.  There's no writer's block here; in fact, I have too many ideas for this blog.  Like a child in the womb, I want it to be so many things, and I'm not sure what it will end up looking like when it's birthed.

For the reader, I will provide valuable advice on starting and maintaining a small hobby business based on my experiences in physical and virtual retail.  I ask nothing in return.  In the spirit of full disclosure, this blog will contain affiliate links to products and services that I personally endorse and use in my own business.  I hope to profit a little from that, or at the very least cover my hosting and domain registration fees.  The reader can expect regular updates on business basics, inventory management strategies, and sales tactics.  I am open to discussion on any topic and willing to help you out in your business however I can.

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  1. Mia Taylor
    August 21, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    ” I wrote a blog post about grading books on my criminally underutilized blog a few months ago. ”

    Wow. That’s an understatement.
    Great blog!


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