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An Updated Review of Profit Bandit for iPhone

I wrote a glowing review of Profit Bandit a few months ago.  At the time of publication, Profit Bandit retailed for a one-time fee of $14.99.  One can easily recoup $15 with even one successful use of the app.  However, the developers at SellerEngine decided that the cost of maintaining the app exceeded the one-time fee of $14.99 and changed to a monthly subscription model.  Instead of a single $15 outlay, users were now presented with the option of paying $9.99/month for a properly maintained app or holding out with their original purchase which would not receive any updates.

Many longtime users, myself included, felt betrayed by the developers of Profit Bandit and refused to pay a monthly subscription fee.  We kept using our old copies of Profit Bandit.  Everything worked as it should until the deployment of iOS 8.  The new operating system crippled several key functionalities of the outdated Profit Bandit on my phone and led to more frustrating force quits that cut into my scouting time.  I put up with it for a little bit.  I didn't necessarily need to see camelcamelcamel data straight away.  I could deal with restarting the app once or twice a day.  I could do all of that until I couldn't.  I couldn't take it anymore.

I tried the Amazon Seller app, but I didn't like the interface.  I was too comfortable with Profit Bandit's one page presentation of pertinent information.  I clicked around more with the Amazon app, which meant more time interfacing with my device and less time interfacing with potential inventory!  So I did it.

I upgraded to the subscription model Profit Bandit.  Yes, I gave in.  I gave in because I rely on Profit Bandit to give me an edge on the competition, and that small edge is worth $10/month.  It's not difficult to make an extra $10 each month.  However, it is difficult to make an extra $10 when your app is buggy and not compliant with the latest operating system.  I contacted SellerEngine customer service and squeaked a few free months of service out of them with my first payment.  Every little bit helps.

Everything I wrote in my previous review stands, except for the cost equation.  If you want to stick with your old copy of Profit Bandit and iOS 7, feel free.  I did it for as long as I could.  SellerEngine has promised some additional webinars and emails for Profit Bandit subscribers.  I have yet to use one, but I  did read an email about a webinar a few days ago and it seems like they are delivering on that promise.  Does it add value for a veteran like me?  Maybe, maybe not.  I'm always learning something new, so I could probably pick up a thing or two from the developers or other users of the app.